Wednesday, 1 July 2009

kegembiraan bertambh.hee.

.sernok bangat.
.i'll going to kem desa mahmud at klate.
.hee relly excited n cant wait 4 tomorror monin.
.wahh...i love to travel.
.yesterday i clled my IBU n she told me that tmorror she'll be going to kuantn to attend a workshop.
.huhu.n my grandma will back to trggnu by this evning.
.huhu.really miz them so much2 lahh.
ok then next story.

.ths is the hotst story for today.
.start frm the ealier monin.
our 'ibu'woke me n others frens ot 6.15 am today. totaly very suprised.
.i sleep at o'0's bed wif waed.
.n we're KANTOI flyng la.
.huh.very very very very socked.
.haha.she pull my t shirt n push me to back to my dorm.
.woah.i thnk i cant forgot that mment.
.i bru je wake up n sddntly she jerit2 n mara2 us.
.huhu.gler ar.
.i felt cam nk ilang kn myself tyme tu gak.
.hee.but it relly impossible.haha.
.huh.really2 scared.

.this pic were took when me n sarah n ain n aina fly..nope2..

escaping the program at klcc.

haha..ta kantoi k.

hehe.last year.after pmr done.

shhh.dont tell anyone.

hee.ta taw la cane bley ltak pic ny.hee.

k r need to go n will be c0ntinue next session.haha

bye,tc!!luv u!hah?


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